Toasting Everyday & Special Occasion Wines Today on KXAS/NBC DFW


With the end of summer and holidays approaching, what are the best wines to entertain or to simply enjoy everyday, and what’s the best to splurge on for that special night. This morning at 11am on KXAS/NBC DFW I’ll offer a few suggestions to ensure you are set for your weekend festivities.

A link to the segment is here.

More notes on the wines are below. Cheers!

For hosting your crowd, have a bubbly; a few light white wines, like dry and off-dry Riesling; a fuller bodied white, as it is great for food pairing, like a well made California Chardonnay; if you are grilling steaks there is nothing better than a great Cabernet Sauvignon; and include a few non-traditional reds that may not be your standard go-to, but offer interesting taste variations, like an Italian blend, Malbec or smoky Syrah.

Bubbles are ideal for any celebration, even just celebrating…

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