Cogill Reviews: “Girls Trip” – See it at SMG Thursday to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Gary Cogill reviews this very funny film below. One note, all day this Thursday, September 7, at all Texas Studio Movie Grill locations, the theaters will be donating 10% of all sales (food, beverage, tickets) to the American Red Cross for their Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.  If you have seen it, see it again. If you haven’t, go tomorrow! Help a Texan Out!

Yes, that’s me, watching, “Girls Trip,” and laughing out loud during a weekday matinee. I’m drinking a glass of wine with Hayley and she’s laughing louder than me. It’s funny, raunchy, well written and just the right cinematic recipe for the current chaos going on in the world.

I have always believed a good films no matter the genre or politics, whether it’s live action, animated, or documented, male or female, a good film is a good film.

And it’s no secret that Hollywood has been cashing in with raunchy road trip movies lately with the girl out-grossing the boys. It’s nice to see Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah and Tiffany Haddish joining the party and excelling at their own game.

These girls are funny and they don’t care if you get all the inside jokes or not, because they are on a mission to party in New Orleans and nothing will get in their way, not even the audience.

Director Malcom D. Lee has created a free wheeling, fast talking, sight gag comedy that is both interesting on the surface and much deeper if you decide to go there. They also have feelings and it’s more than evident at times, but the number one goal with “Girls Trip” is to let loose and let go.

My advice to the cast of, “The Real Housewives Of Dallas,” on Bravo TV would be to watch this film and learn. Nothing needs to be forced, you just need to be real.
You can’t fake chemistry and chaos.

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