Gracious feedback from some of our past clients on working with the Cogills:

“A million thanks for all you did to make SOUNDS OF THE CINEMA a true success! You were the glue holding it all together. You made it look effortless, but I know the time and attention you devoted to it. Your insights, stories, and questions were simply perfect, and they really enhanced our audience’s experience of the concert. We have heard such praise and positive comments from so many patrons about the evening, including, “Mr. Cogill made the show!” and “I enjoyed (Mr.) Cogill and his conversations with Sean Astin”
Carolyn Bess, Executive Director, Waco Symphony Association, Waco, TX

“There is something completely special every time you travel with Hayley.  She captures a “feeling” in the travel that is hard to explain.  Whether it be where you stay, the wineries you visit, the friends you go with or the people you meet along the way the entire experience is one of a kind.  You’ll leave happy but dreaming of when and how she can book you another trip for you!”
Shelly Fitzgerald, Wine Educator/Sommelier, Seattle, WA

“One of the best events we have ever had” I kept hearing over and over from our residents,  and I understood why.  If there is one thing to be said about Gary and Hayley Cogill is that they “fill the room.” I do not mean they bring people to an event; they do.
But their personalities and passion for what they do is unmistakable. It is infectious. 

With Gary’s keen eye for film and  Hayley’s passion for wine, it is hard to not get caught up in the moment!  As Gary guides you, you start to see a film through a different lens.  Then Hayley, having paired 6 different wines with our Chef’s cuisine, explains what you will taste and why you will taste different things in each wine. Being a sommelier, it would be easy to overwhelm the audience, but Hayley has a way of bringing the wine to you with understanding, leaving you feeling educated.

Gary and Hayley have a love for each other that shines through and flows over into their two passions, wine, and the movies.
If you want to entertain and leave your guests with a bigger smile on their faces than they walked in – the Cogill’s are a must see!
Shay Wallace, Director of Sales and Marketing, Mirador, Corpus Christi, TX

“Hayley is an incredible wealth of knowledge when it comes to the wine & spirits world. As the executive producer of a daytime talk show in Dallas, we often called upon Hayley to teach our hosts & viewers all about the beverages they love. Whether it was a segment about wine, or deliciously tasty cocktail recipes, Hayley was always willing to go the distance to make her segments shine. We could always count on her & her effervescent personality. She’s engaging, and would always surprise us with some tidbit (or many tidbits) of knowledge that we and our viewers could use.” 
Stuart Boslow, Former Executive Producer of “The Broadcast,” KTXD-TV/Dallas

“Hayley, we really appreciated your coordinating our (wine tasting) event. Everyone had a GREAT time, and are still talking about it today. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into the teaching points for mastering the restaurant wine list. There are pointers there that were useful not just to those in attendance but to others that were not able to make the event, that I think will benefit our organization for years to come.  Your wine selection was wonderful (I have picked up a couple of those bottles since) and the food pairings were fantastic.
(I found the treat of the remaining short rib this weekend and had the opportunity to enjoy it again – magnifique!)
Again thank you all for hosting a wonderful event. The hospitality you and Gary showed helped me to focus on our arrived guests while more came in. Such a big help!
We will reach out again for future events!” 
Randy Sutherlin, SW Risk, Dallas, TX

“Gary Cogill is a tried and true friend of Kappa Alpha Theta and a champion of our fundraising efforts for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates).
As a master of ceremonies or headliners, Gary captivates, enthralls, and entertains his audience with insightful behind-the-scenes stories from years of celebrity interviews and personal experience.  A brilliant storyteller, Gary’s intelligence, passion, humor, and wit will  have you laughing and crying, and always yearning to hear more.  It has been my pleasure to work with one of Dallas’s most talented and generous all-around good guys.
Gary is one of a kind!”
Barbara Cervin, Kappa Alpha Theta, Dallas, TX

“I enjoy wine and have been a regular traveler to wine growing regions around the world.  I thought I knew the Napa Valley well after traveling there consistently most of my life.  In January of 2014 my wife and I visited Napa with some friends on an itinerary designed and led by Hayley Cogill that showed me a new way to look at the region. We returned with wines for our cellar that we really understood and could explain to our guests when serving them at home.  The accommodations, restaurants and transportation were all handled by Hayley and perfectly suited our groups tastes.”
Shannan and Dianne Pratt, Dallas, TX

“I’ve been fortunate to see Gary speak as both a public speaker and event host.  His ability to engage and captivate a crowd through the telling of stories is exceptional.  Add on his honest, humble and humorous style and the result is an audience that only wants more.  Gary can carry an audience as the keynote speaker or slip easily into the role as emcee.  No matter the role or the audience, Gary will surpass expectations on every occasion.”
Chris Kleinert, Co-Founder, Executives In Action, Dallas, TX

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing the wine country with Hayley as our guide, both on a girls trip and a couples adventure. Her exceptional knowledge, impressive connections in the business, and ability to customize any situation made each trip rich and enjoyable. I learned a lot and had so much fun each time. I would highly recommend Hayley to guide anyone wanting to explore the wine country, regardless of your level of experience or which location you choose!”
Erin Waks, Austin, TX

“Hayley Hamilton Cogill is a class act. She shares her wealth of knowledge with guests in a friendly and approachable style yet sets  a tone of exclusivity with her deep connections to wineries around the world. Hayley has southern charm paired with exceptional wine knowledge, making her the perfect first class concierge for your wine tasting event. You are sure to have a memorable, one of a kind experience either in your home, your business or traveling with her.”  Deb Knapp, KATU-TV, Portland, OR

“We couldn’t have imagined a more memorable occasion for our first trip to Napa. Each step of our excursion was carefully crafted and customized to our tastes. Culinary treats abound, vintages flowing, beautiful places to “take-in”, and the Meadowood to rejuvenate…Hayley, you didn’t miss a step!  Thank you.”  Monica and Derrick Evers, Dallas, TX

“The joy of traveling to Napa, Sonoma, and Willamette was greatly enhanced by traveling with Hayley.  Under her management, the wineries are superb, the logistics are perfect, all while enjoying wonderful and entertaining company.  Hayley is extremely knowledgeable, ensuring that you not only appreciate the wine but also understand it.” 
Don & Ellen Winspear, Dallas, TX

“There is no better way to experience wine country! Hayley’s expertise and relationships in the industry are something every traveler will appreciate.” – Amy Vanderoef, Dallas, TX

“Experiencing a wine trip with Hayley is something that can’t be replicated by yourself, no matter what connections you may have or how wonderful your travel agent may be.  Hayley is the differentiator. The winemakers love to spend time with her and, as a result, her guests are able to meet some of the most talented wine makers in whatever region to which you are traveling.  In addition to getting to ask questions and learn, you are having great fun going to incredible settings to tour incredible wineries and taste wide varieties of equally incredible wine. These trips are some of the most favorite we have ever taken.”
Ashlee Kleinert, Dallas, TX

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