Cogill reviews “The Fablemans”

“The Fabelmans” is a beautiful film on multiple, Oscar-contending levels. One minute it’s a family film about messy parents and talented children, the next minute its about racism and antisemitism. Then, suddenly, the film pivots when a crazy uncle arrives (Judd Hirsch) and starts dishing out advice on a grand scale. Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg … Continue reading Cogill reviews “The Fablemans”

An Unexpected Surprise from Santa Ynez Valley


Our recent podcast toasted a new film called “Cha Cha Real Smooth” starring Dakota Johnson, a film both Gary and I loved. It is a little surprise of a film filled with heart, humor, and thoughtfulness, reminding us of one of our favorites from last year’s favorite, “Licorice Pizza” or something Richard Linklater would create. For this little feel-good surprise, a wine that conjured up the same feel-good sentiment, a beauty from Santa Ynez Valley, Flor Sauvignon Blanc ($70) from Jonata.

Jonata is quickly becoming one of the leading producers in Central California’s Ballard Canyon appellation, within Santa Ynez Valley, an area not far from the Pacific Ocean, but inland enough to experience very hot summer days that turn into cool nights, ensuring grapes have the ability to develop full ripeness over a long growing season while locking in an essential freshness that gives a lift to the wine…

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We’re Back!

We are back! After a hiatus from the show, we are back in the studio talking wine and film, and covid, and moving, and much more on the new episode of our podcast, "Cogill Wine and Film, A Perfect Pairing" on reVolver Podcasts. Thrilled to be back in the studio with Gary, and ready for … Continue reading We’re Back!