We’re Toasting: Wine, Art & Corinne Bizzle


Corinne Bizzle with “Let’s Celebrate”

As a painter layers colors on a canvas to reveal their art, a winemaker fully expresses their passions and influences in each bottle of wine produced. Once complete, nothing will ever be like it again. In the perfect combination of wine and art, a wine label tells the story of the wine, winery and often, an artist who has taken the vision of the winemaker and turning it into visual art for all to enjoy.

Gary and I are infinitely proud of of his daughter, Corinne Cogill Bizzle, of Corinne Bizzle Art, and her inspired the artistic creations. This talented cutie is quickly becoming one of Dallas’ hottest artists, expressing her vision on paper, canvas, wood blocks, stairwells and underpasses. That’s right, late last year she partnered with another one of Dallas’ top up and coming artists, Mariel Pohlman, to create a duo of…

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