Charities We Love: EIA & Shopping For Good

Today is #givingtuesday and this opportunity benefits so many, including you with tasty groceries!



It’s not a new message, but it is one that continues to impress, which makes supporting the work of Executives in Action not only one of the easiest opportunities in Dallas, but also one of the most fulfilling.

Selfless work done for good, benefiting so many people throughout our community, both for the non-profit organizations EIA helps, as well as giving a new place and purpose to the hundreds of individual executives that are part of their program.

In a nutshell, the organization, founded in 2009 by our dear friends, Ashlee and Chris Kleinert, matches executives who are either retired or in employment transition, with nonprofits to work on short-term, pro bono, consulting  projects that will have a major impact on the nonprofit and their ability to grow their organization addressing business management or operational needs. Since they sent the first email asking non-profits to apply for assistance with anything…

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