“Burnt” also known as “Too Much Truffle Oil”


I consider myself somewhat of a foodie, and the more I think about, “Burnt,” the worse it gets.

It’s not a bad film, it’s just not very good. Bradley Cooper plays, Adam Jones, a famous bad boy, drug addicted chef attempting a comeback in London, and in search of three Michelin stars. Adam may be sloppy in his personal life, but he demands perfection in his kitchen.

Sienna Miller plays the single mom, sous chef, doing her best to fight off the many tantrums and advances thrown her way by Adam. Her performance keeps the film somewhat grounded, but just when the mood and the food seem right, Adam derails, and the film falls into cliches.

“Burnt” is written by Steven Knight (Eastern Promises, Dirty Pretty Things) and directed by John Wells (August:Osage County) and what’s missing in their top chef screenplay is a sense of reality.

On paper it looks like a winner, with Cooper and Miller, but on screen it lacks culinary credibility. It’s like being invited to a chefs home for dinner and you realize the chef doesn’t eat his own food.

“Burnt” is rated R for language and features a terrific meltdown that involves sous vide, and a nice turn by Emma Thompson as Adams truth-telling therapist.

But, by the end of this highly anticipated cinematic meal, rather than shaving expensive white truffle on my baguette slathered with butter, someone poured truffle oil all over my Kraft mac n’ cheese.

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