Masterful “Roma” and Mi Sueno Wines on this week’s “Cogill Wine & Film” Podcast

This week’s “Cogill Wine and Film, A Perfect Pairing” Podcast, features two dazzling films, including the masterfully made “Roma” from Director Alphonso Cuaron, perfectly paired with one of our favorites with deep roots tied to Mexico, Mi Sueno Wines. And we toast the completely charming celebration, “Mary Poppins Returns,” paired with a heartfelt cup of something that may surprise. To listen to the show, click here, or listen through your favorite podcast site, including Spotify, iTunes, IHeartRadio or Google Play. More on “Roma” from Gary below.

And, we teased our upcoming “Wine and Film, Perfect Pairing – Oscar Preview” event on this week’s show. Gary and I are excited to head back to Dallas for a special event with the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, detailing the best films of the year, with Gary giving his picks for who the Academy Award winner will be. And, of course, we will pair key categories with delicious wines. More on the event, and to purchase tickets, here.

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The Film: “Roma”
Originally published in “West Hawaii Today”

“Roma” is the film of the year and a poetic slice of realism told in black and white from the point of view of a housekeeping nanny working for an upper class family in Mexico City during the 1970’s. Yalitza Aparicio plays the soft spoken Cleo who loves the children as if they were her own. A protector who practices the gift of nurturing young lives and minds in the middle of a chaotic city about to burst with chaos and protests. A remarkable Oscar worthy performance by a non-actress in her first cinematic role.

“Roma” is also about cultural bigotry towards those who have less or nothing at all. A condescending system of employment where millions of families depend on the hard work of others but are also the first to pour on the blame when things are not perfect or as instructed. From the bottom up it’s the value of a life saving job where room and board is to be protected at all costs and not to be taken lightly.

Oscar winning director Alphonso Cuaron (Gravity, Children Of Men, Y Tu Mama Tambien) has created an elaborate memory poem from his personal childhood paying tribute to the nanny that raised him and the mother that survived a divorce with children. Girl power is on full display in “Roma” and every frame seems dedicated to showing life as it really is rather than romanticizing or embellishing.

By the end of this powerful film the mother, played Oscar caliber by Marina de Tavira, shares more similarities with Cleo than differences. The ending is so beautiful and moving it takes your breath away.

“Roma” is rated R for showing and telling the disturbing truth about the human experience including the tragic delivery of an infant, a violent bloody student protest, and a shocking sex scene of innocence and dominance. It’s magnificently filmed from every angle without judgement with director Cuaron also serving as cinematographer, and yes, he will win the Oscar for his work behind the camera.

Finally, “Roma” will take you out of your comfort zone by being exactly what it inspires to be, a film about life and all it’s sad, wonderful complexities. Subtle, beautiful, patient, haunting, ugly, gut wrenching, meaningful, terrifying, romantic, and one of the most accurate descriptions of life on this planet ever portrayed on film.

“Roma” is a masterwork.

  • Gary Cogill

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