“Outlaw King” and a Toast to Hayley’s Heritage On This Week’s “Cogill Wine & Film” Podcast

Edinburg Castle

For this week’s “Cogill Wine & Film” podcast on reVolver Podcasts, we raise our glass to Scotland, the home of both of our ancestors as Gary is Scottish on one side…Hayley is happily Scotch on both sides of her family, embracing her roots as a decedent of Clan McClelland and Clan Hamilton. All of this makes the perfect pairing with our feature film of the week, “Outlaw King,” telling the story of King Robert de Brus to rose against the English crown, joining the people of Scotland together. More from Gary on the film below.

pumpkin 2

The second half of the show we give thanks, with the ideal wines to pair with your Thanksgiving meal this week. For more ideas, follow the link here to my story in West Hawaii Today.

To listen to the show, click here, or listen through your favorite podcast site, including Spotify, iTunes, IHeartRadio or Google Play.

Also, as you are stocking up on wine for the holidays, consider shopping at Wine Access for their hand-selected, premium wines from across the globe. Wine Access has offered our listeners an incredible deal of 20% off their already well-priced selections, just by clicking here or going to their website, wineaccess.com/cogill.

As we head into the heart of the holiday season, Gary and I are so thankful for your support in listening to the show. We love sharing our pairings, and conversation with you every week. We hope you and those you love have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

outlaw king

The Film: “Outlaw King”

The opening scene in “The Outlaw King” sets a high bar for the next two hours by introducing us to legendary Scottsman, Robert The Bruce, via a 9 minute tracking shot that includes ring kissing, swordplay, intimidation, and a full scale catapult that jettison’s a great ball of destructive fire. Indeed an impressive beginning, even stunning.

Chris Pine (Star Trek, Hell Or High Water, Bottle Shock) plays the title character with a serious sense of dread as he quickly falls from British grace and leads the 14th century Scottish rebellion. You might call it “Braveheart” light but still formidable.

Pine is a fascinating actor and in “The Outlaw King” is surrounded by equally impressive cast members including his appointed love interest played with confidence by, Florence Pugh (Lady Macbeth).

“The Outlaw King” reunites Chris Pine with “Hell Or High Water” director David Mackenzie. Watching their accomplished period film is a treat for all Netflix subscribers especially if your home system involves a big screen and big sound.

I’m a fan of staying home as often as possible knowing I can drink my own wine, fix my own dinner, and pause when needed without incurring more than my regular Netflix subscription fees.

I am also somewhat of a purist when it comes to going to the movies, because the shared theater experience is still the best, so I’m slightly conflicted.

But only slightly, because after 10,000 films and a silly amount of distractions, I’m ready to stay home and enjoy a first run film. Thank you, Netflix.

All to make the point. Day to date is starting to happen more often with quality features, and in the next few days I’ll settle into a good bottle of wine and the Coen Brothers new feature “The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs” and Alfonso Cuaron’s memory ballad, “Roma.”

“The Outlaw King” is a good solid film. Violent, muddy, exciting, remarkably well photographed and confidently directed.

Did I say watching it at home is even better….

–  Gary Cogill


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