Will Marijuana Destroy America’s Wine Industry?


There is a dilemma happening now in the wine regions of America, particularly in vineyards of California and the Northwest. The trouble finding labor to work the vines has been a struggle for some time, as immigration concerns have made the ability to obtain work permits for laborers difficult for some.

But now vintners are facing the additional obstacle of labor shortages due to the legalization of cannabis (the preferred term in the marijuana industry) in Washington, Oregon, and California. What will the legalization of weed do to wine in America?

I spent last week in Napa and Sonoma, tasting as the guest of premium wineries throughout, with the 2017 vintage a hot topic for all. Though social, and remaining off-the-record, one constant discussion amongst these wineries lies in the concern that once the grapes are ripe, there will be no one available to pick them.

Some vineyard workers are…

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