Breaking Rules on This Week’s Podcast

This week on our “Wine and Film, A Perfect Pairing” Podcast on reVolver Podcasts, Gary and I pair two highly anticipated movies of the year with two worldly wines. And, for both of us, the wines have proved to be better than the films. Earlier we posted on “Allied” with a wine from Morocco that proved to be quite a bit more interesting than the film, Domaine Ouled Thaleb.

Our second film of the show, “Rules Don’t Apply,” was even more uneven and incoherent than “Allied,” making it a tough week in the film world for movie lovers. More from Gary on his thoughts below.

To listen to the show, follow the link here and click “Episode 23.” Or subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Google or IHeartRadio.


The Film: “Rules Don’t Apply”

“Rules Don’t Apply” is also miss-handled as Warren Beatty writes, directs, and stars as Howard Hughes in a goofy uneven film that follows the adventures of a 1958 midwest baptist beauty queen who moves to Los Angeles with the promise Hughes will put her in the movies.

There are so many plot lines going on in “Rules Don’t Apply” I don’t know where to begin other than Howard Hughes made the same promise to dozens of women and it still feels wrong and weird.

“Rules Don’t Apply” features some sweet and tender moments and is well-photographed, with Lily Collins just right as the ingenue. But, the sum of the parts never add up to a coherent complete film. It’s all over the cinematic map in both tone and content

Dirty eccentric controlling billionaire men in Hollywood is more off-putting than funny. “Rules Don’t Apply” may look nostalgic but it’s not.

Add this to the other big film of the week, “Allied” and you have two disappointing films in the middle of Oscar season that never live up to their own promise.
Both technically accomplished, with fine music scores to match, but both lacking in the ability to tell a great story.

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