More On Texas Films & Wines from This Week’s Pocast

Earlier this week I included some additional info and tips about some of the great wines made in Texas, or by Texans as a follow up to our “Wine and Film, A Perfect Pairing” Podcast on reVolver Podcasts this past week. Now, Gary offers a few more thoughts on some of the great films made in Texas. And I’ll add one more, a great film Gary and his company participated in the production of, “Believe Me,” from Will Bakke, Michael B. Allen and Alex Carroll.

To listen to the show, just click here and select “Episode 17.” Or listen in on iTunes, Spotify or Google Play Music. Tomorrow our show is all about great food films, each perfectly paired with some of my favorite wines. Cheers!

The cast of "Believe Me"
The cast of “Believe Me”

Over a thousand films have been made in Texas including, “Wings,”  the first Oscar winning Best Picture in 1927. It’s a huge state with an impressive cast of memorable Oscar winning characters created by such actors as Daniel Day Lewis, Robert Duval, Jeff Bridges, Shirley MacLaine and Jack Nicholson.

“The Last Pictures Show,” (1971) changed the career of director Peter Bogdanovich as well as up and coming actor, Jeff Bridges. It’s a small dusty west Texas town where almost everyone feels stuck and can’t wait to leave. Legendary Texas writer Larry McMurtry paints a picture of sadness, melancholy and hope to be studied for years by film makers.

“No Country For Old Men” (2007) was filmed partly in and around Marfa, Texas the same time Paul Thomas Anderson was filming “There Will Be Blood.” Rumor has it Daniel Day Lewis would be in a character and jog through the Coen brothers set from time to time. He was probably looking for the ghost of James Dean and Rock Hudson on the wind blown locations of “Giant.”

I have seen, “Waiting For Guffman,” (1997) a few dozen times and it puts me on the floor every single time. Christopher Guest is a genius and his ad-libbed comedy masterpiece about a small town theater troupe is much loved by Kate Winslet and Tim Robbins. Filmed in and around Austin and Lockhart, Texas I wait every time to see Corky put on his pants backwards and work out his choreography. A 90 minute giggle fest.

“Terms Of Endearment” (1983) won the Oscar for Best Picture and is a masterpiece of family melodrama based on a best selling novel by Larry McMurtry. Debra Winger and Shirley MacLaine cover 30 years in their mother daughter relationship and Jack Nicholson almost steals the film as the astronaut living next door. Director James Brooks won a well deserved Academy Award for Best Director.

You can make a case, “Bonnie & Clyde,” (1967) is the best film ever made in Texas with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway as the bank robbing couple. Filmed in north Texas it features Gene Hackman and a young Gene Wilder in a screenplay written by Robert Benton and directed by Arthur Penn. I doesn’t get any better than this.


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