The “Queen of Katwe” Wins with Truvée Wine on This Week’s Podcast

Disney surprises with “The Queen of Katwe,” opening this weekend and the main film for this week’s “Wine and Film, A Perfect Pairing” Podcast on reVolver Podcasts. Both Gary and I truly loved this film and the tenacious spirit of Phiona, a young African girl living on the streets of Uganda. Her passion and dedication made for easy pairing, as this week we toast the wines of the McBride Sisters and their California based Truvée wines.


We also had a chance to visit Austin last weekend as a guest of Zonin 1821, producers of Italy’s favorite Zonin Prosecco to attend the city’s celebrated Lone Star Le Mans race event. And wow, was it fun. The second half of this week’s show raises a glass to the festive event. We’ll have more on the wines of Zonin 1821 in our next post.

To listen to the show, just follow the link here to reVolver Podcasts, and click “Episode 15.” Or, subscribe through iTunes, Spotify or Google Play Music. Cheers!


The Film: “The Queen of Katwe”

“Queen of Katwe” is a sports film, about a girl who grows up poor and uneducated on the streets of Uganda and wouldn’t you know it, through an outreach program, she becomes a national champion in the “mind sport” of,  Chess.

“Queen of Katwe” follows the difficult life and times of a family living in poverty on the streets in Katwe, Uganda. Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o plays the burdened mother who sends her children to sell corn on the streets to stay alive, until a sports missionary, played-well by David Oyelowo, brings the local children together to learn how to play chess.

Before you can say, “checkmate,” Phiona, played Oscar-caliber by Madina Nalwanga, starts beating the boys and winning in competition. It’s a remarkable story that leads all the way to the national championships. This is not just a movie about overcoming obstacles in life, it’s a film that celebrates and elevates the intellectual prowess of a young girl.

“Queen of Katwe” is directed with a sense of honesty and integrity by Indian-American film-maker, Mira Nair, using local children and actual street locations to tell this story. Her film is never condescending and features an unusual amount of joy.

“Queen of Katwe” is rated PG and is based on a Tim Crothers book published by ESPN. The sport of chess is on full display and the movie finds immense beauty in the middle of poverty. A cinematic celebration of life and family alongside intelligence and dignity. Grab your kids and run to the theater to see, “Queen of Katwe.”

The Wine: Truvée Wines from the McBride Sisters

From California’s Central Coast, Truvée Wines is a celebration of family and friendship, created by sisters Robin and Andrea McBride.

The sisters, who today own and operate several successful wineries, did not know of each other for half of their lives as they were raised on different continents over 7000 miles away from each other. The two shared the same father, but a different mother. It was their father’s dying wish to connect his two daughters.

In 1999 they found each other, realized their mutual love of wine and passion for the grapes, and created their brand, one of few owned and operated wineries by African American women.

Truvee Rosé is a fresh, juicy and vibrant with ripe red fruit and citrus notes. Blended from traditional Rhone red varieties, like Grenache & Syrah, the wine is fresh and inviting, perfect for toasting with the friends and family you love.



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