“The Martian” with Matt Damon and Abba

“The Martian” is an intelligent, captivating film starring, Matt Damon, in an Oscar-level performance as astronaut, Mark Watney, left behind by his fellow crew on the angry red planet after being impaled during a fierce sand storm.

With communication shut off, and the surviving crew in mourning during their slow burn back to Earth, Mark the Botonist, has to figure out a way to stay alive for at least four years with a food supply meant for less than half the time. Believe me, if I was stuck alone in a small confined space with only potatoes, ketchup, and the songs of Abba, I might not survive.

Director Ridley Scott has created a refreshing film filled with humanity rather than aliens. A sharp-tongued, universal science lab, where people from all nations put their heads together to solve a problem. In this case, the worthy cause of saving Matt Damon.

“The Martian” is based on the 2011 novel by Andy Weir, is rated PG-13, and features first-rate performances from Jessica Chastain. Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Jeff Daniels. But, it’s the “Castaway” style performance by Matt Damon, and the Earth sized think tank mentality, that keeps both Mark Watney and the audience attentive and alive.

Gary Cogill

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