Cogill’s Host “Wine and Film” with Edgemere

edgemere photo

I love the audiences at Edgemere in Dallas.

They are smart, insightful, kind, and generous. They also love the idea of drinking a wonderful glass of wine while talking about movies. They light up at the thought of watching Robert Redford hitting a bigger than life home run in, “The Natural,” while sipping on a Siltstone Guadalupe Vineyard Pinot Noir from Oregon.

Earlier in September, Hayley and I started a three part series at Edgmere combining our love for wine and film. That’s right, I show a scene from one of my favorite all time films and Hayley pairs the movie with an appropriate, thoughtful wine.

For instance, I introduce “To Kill A Mockingbird,” as a 1962 classic featuring one of the finest performances ever on film by Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch. Watching the closing credits with that haunting narration and melancholy music score by Elmer Bernstein sets the mood for Hayley to introduce a classic American wine from Napa Valley, the award-winning Chateau Montelena. A classic deserves a classic and everyone seems to be smiling.

We have spent many years together in our east Dallas home talking about wine and movies so it seemed natural to go into business together as a way to continue the conversation. After all, if we know that much about wine and movies why wouldn’t we want to share the experience with others? So, we do, and here’s the odd twist. I’m fascinated by Hayley’s world of wine and Hayley is just as fascinated by movies.

Our series at Edgemere Dallas, “WINE TASTING & MOVIES,” continues on September 30th in the afternoon, and you can expect everything from,  “Lawrence Of Arabia,” to, “Waiting For Guffman,” as well as wines from Napa, Spain, and Greece.

On November 18 we will feature a new program pairing wines with Oscar contending films, and I can’t wait to see what wine Hayley will pair with,  “Steve Jobs” or “Macbeth.”  Come join us, we love seeing your smiling face and hearing your own stories about wine and movies. Contact Edgemere for details here. 

Relax, grab a glass, and cheers to Edgemere.

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