Cogill Reviews: “Hustlers”

Originally published in West Hawaii Today, September 20, 2019 "Hustlers" is more than just the ultimate feminist movie. It's a sobering, insightful look at the good, bad, and ugly of chasing the American dream and offers a screen load of ideas about the way capitalism works. It also features a nuanced, Oscar-level performance by Jennifer … Continue reading Cogill Reviews: “Hustlers”

“Toy Story 4” and Lasseter Family Wines

Originally published in "West Hawaii Today" on June 28, 2019 The Film: "Toy Story 4" "Toy Story 4" is a little bit of everything. Funny, engaging, emotional, well-written, beautifully crafted, and as part four sequels go, one of the best of all time. Tom Hanks provides the leadership and charm as, “Woody," the talking pull … Continue reading “Toy Story 4” and Lasseter Family Wines

Cogill Reviews: “Black Panther”

Originally printed in "West Hawaii Today" February 22, 2018. For more movie insight and Oscar predictions, join the Cogills on March 1 at Studio Movie Grill on Royal Lane in Dallas for their "Wine and Film, 90th Academy Awards Preview," with incredible silent auction of movie memorabilia benfiting The Dallas Film Society. Tickets are only … Continue reading Cogill Reviews: “Black Panther”