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What To Drink Now: Toasting The 4th of July

Red Wine with Breakfast

Happy 4th!!! As you ready your picnic baskets and beach totes, consider light and refreshing, or bold and robust wine to enjoy on this beautiful day. Each unique blend celebrates their individuality while melding to become something great, much like the principles that defined our declaration of independence

We would be nowhere without our neighbor to the south, Mexico. Mexican immigrants have helped build this country as much as our European forefathers, particularly in the wine industry with immigrants contributing their skills working throughout America’s vineyards and wineries. And, many Mexican-Americans and Mexican immigrants produce some stellar juice. From Rolando Herrera of Mi Sueno, crafting concentrated, structured, elegant wines, like his Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, to first-generation Mexican-Americans the Ceja family who started their Napa winery in 1999, to Robledo Vineyards, the first winery in the US to be launched by a Mexican migrant worker in 2003.

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“Toy Story 4” and Lasseter Family Wines

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“Rocketman” & Cliff Lede Rock Blocks Cabernet on This Week’s “Cogill Wine & Film” Podcast

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