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Toasting “The Oscars” on our “Cogill Wine & Film, A Perfect Pairing” Podcast

After what has been one of the craziest years, as we can all affirm, this Sunday the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science will finally host the 93th Annual Oscars! We are so excited. And, nothing is better to toast a celebration than Champagne. And, for the 7th year in a row, the esteemed … Continue reading Toasting “The Oscars” on our “Cogill Wine & Film, A Perfect Pairing” Podcast

What To Drink Now: Wines To Get You Through Election Day

A few hours left. VOTE!!


It is finally here, the end of a crazy political year, and if you are like me, you need a drink. I am not proposing all-day drinking binges as you watch the results, but let’s face it, a few glasses might take the edge off no matter which way the votes go.  So, let’s toast to red, white, and rosé.

And, if you haven’t done so already, get out there today and VOTE!

We may think rose wine is best enjoyed in the summertime. But dry rosé options, still and sparkling, are agreeable any time of year. Fresh and lively, rosé wines pair perfectly with everything from grilled or poached fish and shellfish, spicy Thai, sushi, and stir-fry, roasted chicken or pork, to the entire Thanksgiving meal.

As we hope to be celebrating on Tuesday night, try your rosé with bubbles.

Blending biodynamically farmed Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, and Sankt Laurent…

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Cogill’s Thoughts: Remembering Sean Connery

I was privileged to interview Sean Connery over the years multiple times, but three, in particular, come to mind. In 1987 after an early afternoon flight to Los Angeles, followed by a studio screening of "The Untouchables," I moved into a day-long series of interviews with Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia, Charles Martin Smith, director Brian … Continue reading Cogill’s Thoughts: Remembering Sean Connery