Are you a non profit trying to find the best wines for your events? Are you a business that needs help pairing wines for your corporate functions, dinners and internal gatherings? Does your staff need help navigating through a wine list? Are you opening a new restaurant and need assistance putting together your wine list or beverage program? Look no further. We are here to help.

Wine Consultant Services

  • Menu planning/wine pairing
  • Wine selection based on budget parameters, that will over deliver on quality
  • Assistance with purchasing/delivering if necessary
  • Wine 101 Education for Junior Associates
  • Navigating a wine list training for associates

Restaurant Sommelier Assistance

  • Selecting the wine list based on your personal needs and budget
  • Selecting the spirits and developing a beverage program
  • Creating seasonal signature cocktails
  • Specific menu pairing of food and wine
  • Wine 101 training for the staff (proper way to present and open a bottle)
  • And, training for each item on the wine list