A Toast To Napa Valley



Pristine, beautiful, lively and always changing while remaining a bit the same, I love Napa Valley. Yes, the traditional tours and tasting opportunities up and down Highway 29 and the Silverado Trail are wonderful, but for me the real heart of Napa lies in the hillsides and valleys, some that are well known, many that aren’t, particularly some of those on Howell Mountain like Black Sears, Cade and Viader.

Yesterday I posted a story on the D Magazine/SideDish site on a few exceptional wines, like a new find from our recent trip, Italics, along with stunning Vineyard 29 & Lokoya, Brandlin, Inglenook and more.  Details on all linked here.

40th anniversaryBut today is actually a very special day as it is the 40th anniversary of theJudgement of Paris. 40 years ago British wine merchant brought a group of highly respected French wine influencers together…

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