We’re Cooking: Duckworth Truffle Marinara

Pasta will be a hit tonight with this tasty sauce.


truffle ravioli

truffle sauceThis may be the very best marinara sauce ever created as it adds earthy, umami filled, black truffle infused sweet vodka to the hearty Italian staple.

Our friends, Lee and Julia Fuqua recently launched their Dallas based vodka company, Duckworth Distillery, producing several different well balanced spirits, including a Duckworth Truffle Vodka using black truffles from France. The tasty vodka just won top honors, and a 95 point rating, at the Tastings International Review of Spirits Competition that took place in Chicago this week. (In addition to an excellent sauce enhancer, the vodka is also the best base for a Bloody Mary.)

The sauce isn’t complicated, but take the time to cook it slowly, allowing the flavors to meld, and then serve over creamy polenta, spaghetti or wild mushroom stuffed ravioli for an extra earthy kick.

Perfect pairing? Ideally a red from the land of truffles, we enjoyed one of may…

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