We’re Toasting: 4 Months in Hawaii


hay & G at Ulu

In the later part of last year when we first decided to come over to Hawaii for four months, most people we talked to thought we were crazy. “How can you put your life on hold for 4 months?” everyone asked…sometimes in not the nicest way.
Our response before the fact was always, “well it is easy, you make the choice and do it.”

Now, after doing it we realize that in taking this time, we have been able to find more clarity, happiness and joy than could possibly be imagined. Thankfully, D had been great to me and I was able to continue contributing from here, and my writing is better for it. Additionally, both of us picked up a few consulting jobs with the full launch of our Cogill Consultingbusiness we had started before we left. We were able to launch new opportunities to work on while…

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