Charities We Love: EIA and the 2nd Annual Great Texas Food Truck Rally


2015 Truck Rally Logo

Executives in Action was born out of the need to help people, as many nonprofits are. This one is slightly different though, as it is designed to help people in need, who then go on to help other people in need. (Rather genius, don’t you think.)

Founders Ashlee and Chris Kleinert collaborated with the Entrepreneurs for North Texas (EFNT) and the Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM) in late 2008, launching EIA as a pro bono consulting firm to assist nonprofits in January 2009. Initially, they started by working with executives that were laid off due to downsizing or for other issues during our recent recession. They would then pair those individuals with non-profit groups who needed help taking their organizations to the next level. With skills, like marketing, budgeting, IT, operations, etc. the executives could make a significant impact on the non-profit, elevating their work. This would have been financially…

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