“Where To Invade Next” Reveals a Kinder, Gentler Michael Moore

I finally got around to seeing Michael Moore’s latest documentary where he travels to other countries in search of what they are doing correctly so he can claim their idea for America, bring it back, and start solving some problems.

Similar to what DART did before it started building the Dallas Area Rapid Transit System. They visited multiple locations in other cities to see how subways and buses worked for them.

I must admit, I like this kinder, gentler, Michael Moore, and “Where to Invade Next,” isn’t as much a personal political rant as it is a travel show on what is going on elsewhere.

But I digress, because in past years I have had people follow me to my car with groceries and children in tow at Tom Thumb screaming hateful words at meΒ  because I had the audacity to even mention his name on a local news broadcast.

My other disclaimer is I have always liked Michael Moore because he asks good questions, owns a gun, and actually loves his country. So get over it, and get over Jane Fonda. She’s funny.

“Where To Invade Next” finds Moore in France where the local public schools serve gourmet lunches and the 4th graders eat fresh locally sourced cheese. There are no vending machines, no processed slop on a plate, and the students all grow up with an appreciation for healthy eating. They even turn down a soda because they would rather drink water. Good idea.

In Portugal, Iceland, Finland, Slovakia, Italy, and Germany you’ll find everything from legalized drugs to 8 weeks of paid vacation to free college tuition, even for foreigners. Wow, how would that work in America?

I find it interesting to see how things work in other countries and the extreme idea here is that most of these currently un-American ideas actually started in America.

Moore is a an intelligent goof,Β  and over the years we have had multiple conversations about his work. What I like about “Where to Invade Next,” is it’s an exercise in listening and learning. No ugly Americans allowed.

Back to the school lunches in France. Where did our cafeterias go wrong, and where do I start?

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